The magical & mystical and wondrously whimsical world of Casper Spell will cast a spell on you!

My name is Casper Spell and I’m an artist with a whimsical & magickal brand of illustrated, “cute & spooky” home decor, accessories, shirts & other apparel.

Inspired by a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination with the mystical forces of nature & beyond, I love creating magical & charming, metaphysical art. I’m entertained by the spiritual, supernatural energies and enjoy presenting the ethereal in a fun & kitschy way that speaks to my intrigue of the showmanship of fortune tellers, psychic mediums, witchcraft, spirit mediums, tarot readings, palm readers, curiosities & oddities, mind readers, mentalists, hypnotists, seers, paranormal phenomena & mystical clairvoyants.

My favorite holiday is Halloween and, as a Halloween artist, retro & vintage Halloween art is a pure inspiration full of hocus pocus & old world magic. I live life as if I just bought tickets to a vaudeville carnival freak show at a shop of curiosities on October 31.

Enjoy haunting around here where you’ll find a magical world of crystal balls, astrology, grinning pumpkins, haunted houses, wicked witches, Ouija boards, table tipping, ghostly ghouls, hypnotism, grimacing jack o’lanterns, horoscopes, lucky charms, dancing skeletons, spells & potions, seances, night owls, zodiac, voodoo spells, black cats, mentalism, mythical creatures, and telepathic gypsies.

Magickally yours,
Casper Spell